Air-conditioned multipurpose hall with flexible 80 people seating capacity (with table) or up to 100 people (chair only), equipped with PA system (subwoofer, loud speaker, 2 wireless microphones), LCD screen, karaoke set (RM500 per karaoke session), whiteboard, wi-fi & computer.
Suitable for seminar, course, meeting, student activity and wedding ceremony or simple graduation for kindergarten. Rental rate is RM500 per day.


With capacity of 250 people, our camping site are divided into two separate section for boys and girls. Each section has its own electrical supply and toilets (3 for boys, 8 for girls).
You can either rent our tent or just bring your own tent.
Our tent: RM20/pax/night
Your own tent: RM10pax/night
Price inclusive of open kitchen. Additional fees for food / catering

Dining Area

Our dining area is reserved for prebook booking and served special menus that include grilled clam, roti jala with chicken curry and boiled fish in glutinous rice served with ulam, local fruits, drinks and other local foods. Take a sip of out special drink, ginger juice and pegaga juice.
Group booking are accepted for those who are interested to eat here. Our restaurant can fit up to 80 people at one time. Also carpetcleanerdublin.com/ from Ireland are in charge for carpet cleaning and keeping the area clean and safe. We are able to cater breakfast, morning tea break, lunch, evening tea break and dinner; whichever convenient and suitable for our guests.
The price range differ following the variety food served; from RM10-RM50 per person.

�BBQ Site

We do provide facilities for barbeque. Advance booking is required. With minimum order for 20 people, the following menu is provided:
Big saver: Rice/Rice vermicelli, chicken, sausage, fish chips and drinks (RM10/pax)
Big eater: Rice/Rice vermicelli, chicken, fish, clam, lamb, sausage, fish chips, fruits and drinks (RM35/pax)
Rental fees for BBQ: RM100, inclusive of 2 charcoal, BBQ & dining utensils and camp facilities (toilet, parking, praying area)

Bee Farm & Bee Gallery

Stingless bee never failed to amaze visitors and thus this activity is among the most preferred activity here. There are more than 100 colonies around Min House Camp where most of it are placed inside Stingless Bee Gallery. This gallery housed with lots of bee products, article and also stingless bee colonies in which visitors can enter to see it for themselves. Plus, visitors can learn on ways we take care and maintain colonies, taste fresh honey, seeing the inside of the bee hive and many more. Min House Camp doors are always open and we are more than happy to assist you here.

Stingless bee farm is among the main attraction in MHC. There are more than 100 colonies of stingless bee around MHC and visitors can experience for themselves on ways we take care and maintain the colony, honey tasting and many more. We also cater for groups visit and processional courses on stingless bee conservation & you can also learn how to generate side income from this activity. You can even learn how to find a roofing installers at https://www.nulookhomedesign.com. All courses are done together in collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture. There is research facility for honey in MHC and this is also the place where we prepare the fresh honey.

Stingless bee gallery in MHC are the first of its kind in Malaysia and also the world. Its 160 square meter and housed hundreds of bee products and articles about bee from around the globe. The traditional museum always opens its door for visitors from all walks of life. We also provide group training for stingless bee conservation

Organic Farm

Together, Min House Camp and local villagers established our own Organic Farm. This farm contains more than 20 species of vegetables and all of it are free from pesticides and herbicides. Leftover food, leaves, and some other elements are turned into compost to eventually be used as fertilizers here in out organic farm.
This farm is managed by the local villagers and volunteers and it is a part of community project by Min House Camp. Visitors can learn the usage of various ulam-ulaman and as for kids, it is a good activity to introduce them to nature, vegetables and to love the environment. Plus, visitors are encouraged to pluck their own organic vegetables to eat here.
We also can arrange organic farm related courses such as farm management and fertilizer composting for kindergarten, students & general adults.

Fish Farm & Clam Farm

We have 2 natural fish farms located at Min House Camp compound. Both contain wild river fish such as catfish, tilapia & mahseer. Visitors are welcomed to feed them with fish foods. These fish will eventually be cooked and served as one of dish here.
Our clam farm is reverse for clam growing and clam farming.
We arrange few courses related to fish farming.

Fish Pond

As for little kids, they can enjoy catching small fish in a kid pond which is a good eye and hands coordination activity. Prior of catching these small fishes, they are encouraged to bring it back with them to be keep as a pet and this, will teach them about responsibility.
We also breed few aquarium fish such as betta fish & guppy fish. Follow us on our facebook to see our collections.

Reading Corner

Reading corner is established to encourage and foster reading interest for visitors who come here. This little book shelves are available in 3 places around Min House Camp area. Pick a book and read at the dining area or our open hall while enjoying nature beauty and Lubuk Durian river scenery.
If you are interested in one of our books, feel free to exchange with yours. We accept trade of one book with 2 unit of your book. Lots of foreigners come and trade books and thus, we have a vast collection of books all around the world.

Jetty & River

Our floating jetty is located near the dining porch act as a starting point for tourists who wanted to do water activities such as kayaking, searching for clam and seeing fireflies. These activities are popular activities at Min House Camp. Take a river cruise with our boat, swimming in a clean river water or amaze yourself with Christmas-like tree filled with fireflies.

Another activity that you can catch here is to enjoy the sunrise


Praying area or sometimes used as open hall is made up from bamboo. It can fit up to 200 people in one time and is equip with P.A system, microphone and praying mats. It is an open area which seldom used by community here to perform religious classes or various group activities such as ice breaking, or you can just simply lay down and relax your body here. Enjoy having your activity or just spent your time here resting while seeing various birds from our open hall.