Organizing work from home: sorting out the gadgets you definitely need

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Organizing work from home: dealing with the gadgets you definitely need

The coronavirus epidemic and the introduced quarantine have radically changed not only the rhythm and style of life, but most importantly, the process of organizing work. People have switched to remote work en masse and started working from home. And if you can set up a workflow simply, quickly, without investing additional funds, then turning a house into a kind of productive office without certain equipment will not work. Of course, no one will immediately buy a laptop, a monitor, a couple of sets of peripherals and a complete set of components. But by updating one or two devices, you can make working from home much more pleasant, and given the uncertainty of the quarantine period, such a decision can be very important.


Given that all work has moved online during the quarantine, having a stable and powerful Internet coverage in the house has become a matter of prime necessity. And here two factors became important – the increased load on the network due to the increase in the number of connections, as well as the quality of the signal throughout the house. The first issue is solved with the help of a dual-band router, which allows you to transfer the compatible part of the devices to the 5 GHz band, which at the same time provides higher speeds. The second point, namely the presence of a high-quality signal at all points of the apartment, can be solved thanks to AiMesh technology, which allows you to combine various ASUS routers into a single network with a seamless (uninterrupted) connection. So, even if you move from the room to the kitchen with your laptop in the process, the conference call or the lesson of the online course will not be interrupted.


A very important factor in working in a team at a distance is communication, personal and in the group as a whole. The presence of online chats and instant messengers helps with short, ad hoc conversations, while all conference calls, brainstorms, reports, and many other aspects of team communications are carried out in audio and video format. At the same time, it is important to hear the interlocutors yourself, and to make sure that you are heard. ROG has two solutions to this problem – the ROG Theta 7.1 and ROG Strix Go 2.4 headsets. Both of them are equipped with a microphone with intelligent noise reduction, which cuts off all unnecessary sounds, and there can be plenty of them in the apartment with the whole family in quarantine. In addition, ROG Strix Go 2.4 has all the benefits of wireless connectivity, while Theta 7.1 has a built-in DAC and 8 Essence speakers for the best music experience.


Further, when working at the monitor for a long time, it is especially important to ensure that your eyes do not get tired. Regular breaks and eye exercises can only help a little, but it’s important to pay attention to which monitor you’re using. With this in mind, most ASUS monitors come with Eye Care, a proprietary technology that helps reduce eye fatigue even after prolonged use. The Ultra-Low Blue Light technology used in these monitors reduces the amount of blue light emitted, while the other Flicker-Free technology eliminates flicker.

Portable monitor

And since we are talking about monitors, another difficulty comes up when switching to remote work. The presence at the workplace in the office of an employee of not one, but two monitors for many companies is quite a common practice, especially relevant for those who work with large amounts of visual data or actively practice multitasking workflows. After the forced transition to work from home, such employees especially acutely notice the lack of screen space, and deploying a multi-monitor setup at home is far from always comfortable. This is where devices such as Zenscreen Go portable monitors can come to the rescue. On the one hand, this monitor can be easily connected to a PC or laptop as an additional one, while the compact and functional design allows you to set up a comfortable workplace even with limited desktop space. And its mobility will come in handy after quarantine, when office work, business trips and real-time business meetings become relevant again.

Gaming place

And of course, you will not live in quarantine with work alone. Series will also captivate for a short time, so you will probably install at least some kind of computer game. Moreover, the gameplay will not only entertain you, but can also solve the problem of social communications, making up for the lack of communication. Therefore, if you have a desktop PC that you haven’t updated for a long time, then you can safely look towards a new video card based on a GPU from Nvidia or from AMD, because upgrading a video card often has the most drastic effect on gaming potential.